Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts [pdf]

The theme of the IV Tarragona International Environmental Law Colloquium (TIEC) is New Trends in Environmental Litigation: Issues of Theory and Practice.

Due to the complexity of environmental conflicts – cross-cutting issues with far-reaching impacts -, the institutional responses given by governance mechanisms of seem to be limited, inefficient and unable to solve them without putting aside relevant justice matters. In light of this situation, for some time now, litigation, that is to say the appeal to the judiciary, has become a relevant tool for different actors, who somehow have been excluded from the decision-making process, to obtain a justice-focused solution to these conflicts.18 MARCH ABSTRACT SUBMISION DEADLINE (5)

Litigation is constantly evolving to meet the new challenges brought about by environmental conflicts. On one hand, owing to the ingenuity and sagacity of litigants and judiciaries, innovative theories, tools and strategies are rising which at the same time are facing difficult challenges and questions. In this sense, new approaches to classical procedural institutions, as standing, proof, causation and justiciability, among others, are being developed and tested around the world. On the other hand, environmental litigation networks are being built by reframing litigation as something else than a procedural law issue: a real social movement under development.

The organizing committee welcomes proposals for paper and poster presentations addressing the overall theme of the colloquium. Interdisciplinary approaches to the theme are also welcome.

Possible topics include:

  • Conceptual developments of the idea of access to environmental justice.
  • New subjects in environmental litigation: standing for future generations and non-human entities.
  • Proof in a world of uncertainties: means, burden, assessment, interpretation, science in the court, among other aspects.
  • Dealing with causation: theories and judicial interpretations.
  • Addressing new environmental damages and crimes.
  • Innovative approaches to environmental liability.
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law in complex transnational cases.
  • Judicial cooperation in transboundary environmental cases.
  • Justiciability and the role of judiciaries in the rule of law.
  • Judging Judiciaries’ activism: the rise of an inquisitive environmental judge?.
  • Enforcing pro-environment judicial decisions: challenges and innovative approaches.
  • Networked environmental litigation as a movement: social, legal and academic activism.
  • The ethics of environmental litigation.

The IV TIEC aims to provide a forum for junior and early-career researchers with different backgrounds in where to present and discuss their research and works-in-progress. In addition, this event seeks to create a friendly environment for meeting fellow students and colleagues that share a common interest for environmental law.

Those interested in presenting their proposals should submit an abstract of no more than 300 words here.

Deadline for abstract submission: 18th March 2019 1st April 2019

As the official language of the TIEC is English, all abstracts and posters must be presented in this language.

The authors of abstracts selected for oral or poster presentation will not be expected to submit completed papers. However, we do encourage interested authors to submit completed papers to the Catalan Environmental Law Journal (Revista Catalana de Dret Ambiental). See author guidelines.

For further information, please contact: TIEC Organizing Committee (

Please, find posters template [Here]. Please print it in upright position.