0769726_rethinking-sustainable-development-in-terms-of-justice_300Rethinking Sustainable Development in Terms of Justice. Issues of Theory, Law and Governance.

Edited by: Felipe Pérez, B., Iglesias Márquez, D., Martínez Hernández, L.

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Book description: The need to reassess the discourse of sustainable development in terms of equity and justice has grown rapidly in the last decade. This book explores renewed and distinctive approaches to the sustainability and justice debate, integrating a range of perspectives that include moral philosophy, sociology and law. By bringing together young and senior scholars from the field of global environmental law and governance from around the world, this work is divided into three sections, covering sustainable development and justice, sustainable development in context, and sustainable development and judiciaries. This book will appeal to academics, law practitioners and policy-makers interested in shaping future socio-legal research on global environmental law and governance. It includes  contributions presented at the I TIEC. More information at:


Vol. 9, No. 2 (2018) of the Revista Catalana de Dret Ambiental, coordinated by Daniel Iglesias Márquez and Beatriz Felipe Pérez, includes a dossier with some of the contributions of the II TIEC. This special issue is available at: