Programme VI TIEC

Monday, 14 June


  • Anna Pallarès Serrano, CEDAT-URV
  • Stephanie Victoria Ascencio Serrato, TIEC Organizing Committee and AAEDAT-URV

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Dr. Angelica de Freitas e Silva Environmental Law in the Ethics of Exhaustion [Abstract] [16.15-16.40h CEST]

PANEL 1. The context and status of Environmental Law in raising the planetary emergency [16.40-17.30h CEST]

Moderated by Beatriz Felipe Pérez (CEDAT, Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

  • Roopanand  Mahadew (University of Mauritius): Re-engineering environmental law on the basis of the human right to environment [Abstract]
  • María Liliana Avalos Rodríguez and Michael K. McCal (Centro de Investigaciones en Geografía Ambiental): The role of forestry law and policy in promoting actions to motivate the reduction of forest degradation in western Mexico [Abstract] [Presentation]
  • María Lilian Avalos Rodríguez, José Juan Alvarado Flores and Jorge Víctor Alcaraz Vera (Centro de Investigaciones en Geografía Ambiental): Environmental responsibility in Mexico: a view from the degradation of forests [Abstract] [Presentation]
  • Diogo Andreola Serraglio and Fernanda de Salles Cavedon-Capdeville (South American Network for Environmental Migrations-RESAMA): Integrating Climate-Induced Mobility in Climate And Migration Policies in Brazil: Challenges And Ways Forward [Abstract] [Presentation]

Debate and Q&A  [17.30-18.00h CEST]

Tuesday, 15 June

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Dr. Farhana Sultana “Climate Change, COVID-19 and the Co-production of Injustices: A Feminist Reading of Overlapping Crises” [Abstract] [16.00-16.25h CEST]

PANEL 2. Actions, measures and immediate responses to cope with the current critical times [16.25-17.15h CEST]

Moderated by Simona Fanni (University of Cagliari)

  • Solimar Martha Tapia Martel (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) and Jorge Rolando Llanos García (Complutense University of Madrid): Challenges of environmental enforcement in Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic [Abstract] [Presentation]
  • Camille Vallier (University of Geneva): Conservation varieties as a legal tool for local and sustainable food systems [Abstract]
  • Beltrán Puentes Cociña (University of Santiago de Compostela): Eco-design for a circular economy [Abstract]
  • Javier Francisco Arenas Ferro (Universitat Rovira i Virgili):  Scavengers, urban metabolism and strategic litigation as transformative and recovery response to Planetary Emergency [Abstract]

Debate and Q&A [17.15-17.45h CEST]

Wednesday, 16 June

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Dr. Tanya Wyatt “Green Criminology and Earth Jurisprudence: transforming the law to restore the planet” [Abstract] [Presentation] [16.30-16.55h]

PANEL 3. Imagining alternative pathways and taking action [16.55-17.45h CEST]

Moderated by Monica Pons (CEDAT, Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

  • Daniele Galvão de Sousa Santos (University of Coimbra): The Environmental Law Effectiveness and Technology at the Service of the Environment [Abstract]
  • Sabrina Brizioli (Università degli Studi di Perugia): Integrating environment, health security and the rule of law in a world at risk [Abstract] [Presentation]
  • Oriol Solà Pardell (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain): A Human Right to the Environment: an Ecocentric Proposal [Abstract] [Presentation]
  • Carlotta Garofalo (University of Graz) and Giulia Interesse (Peking University): From the endangered polar bear to children: the promising role of the intergenerational narrative in the U.S. climate movement [Abstract]

Debate and Q&A [17.45-18.15h CEST]

CONCLUDING REMARKS: Dr. Rahma Bentirou Mathlouthi “Re-thinking the dynamics of legal systems as responses to environmental challenges and planetary emergency” [18.15-18.30h CEST]