Programme VII TIEC

Thursday, 26 May

Registration [14.30- 15.00h CEST]


  • Aitana de la Varga Pastor (CEDAT, Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
  • Clara Esteve (TIEC Organizing Committee, AAEDAT)

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Endrius CoccioloAssociate Professor at Universitat Rovira i Virgili and researcher at the Tarragona Center for Environmental Law Studies [15.15-15.50h CEST]

PANEL 1. Diagnosis of the current energy crisis [15.50-16.50h CEST]

Chair: Mònica Pons (CEDAT-URV)

  • Rahmi Kopar (University of Dundee, Scotland): Energy Transition and Foreign Investments: Legal Pitfalls to be Wary Of [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Aloia López Ferro (University Rovira i Virgili and Terraqui): The role of hydrogen for a sustainable energy transition in the European Union: Between a gas-based and a renewable path [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Guilherme Pratti (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies): The climate crisis speaks ‘legalese’: exposing the lack of a shared vocabulary between International Environmental Law and International Law of Energy [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Monika Feigerlova (Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences): ‘Sustainable Energy’ under Reformed International Investment Agreements? [Abstract] [PPP]

Debate and Q&A  [16.50-17.15h CEST]

Coffe break [17.15-17.45h CEST]

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Lea DiestelmeierGroningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability (Faculty of Law, University of Groningen) [Abstract] [17.45-18.20h CEST]

PANEL 2. Legal challenges of a clean and just energy transition [18.20-19.20h CEST]

Chair: Laura Presicce (CEDAT-URV)

  • Simona Fanni (University of Seville): Theorizing a human rights-based approach to energy transition and its justiciability in international and domestic jurisprudence [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Joan Pons (Insta): RenewableEnergy Communities, an instrumentfor democraticand just energytransition [PPP]
  • Pia Vanessa Kohrs (Mariscal & Abogados): Green Hydrogen Economy. A legal take on the feasibility of project development under the current regulatory framework [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Matteo Fermeglia (Hasselt University) and Viktor WeberEnergy Return on Energy Investment (EROI): A net-energy yardstick for the use of CCS in the transition to a low-carbon economy [Abstract] [PPP]

Debate and Q&A  [19.20-19.45h CEST]

Friday, 27 May

Welcome coffee and registation [15.30-16.00h CEST]

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Anahí Urquiza Associate Professor at the University of Chile [Abstract] [16.00-16.35h CEST] [PPP]

PANEL 3. Environmental and social energy justice [16.35-17.35 CEST]

Chair: Clara Esteve (CEDAT-URV)

  • Asmaa Khadim (Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, Leiden University): A citizen-centric approach to evidence-based decision-making under the European Green Deal [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Iván Hortigüela Bolsa (University Rovira i Virgili and Insta jurídic): La protección legal del territorio catalán ante determinados proyectos de energías renovables [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Bowen Gu (Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona) Environmental Public interest litigation (PIL) – a legal pathway for environmental justice and energy transition in China? [Abstract] [PPP]
  • Natalia Urzola (Co-chief Operating Officer at Global Network for Human Rights and the Environment), Maria Antonia Tigre (Global Climate Litigation Fellow at Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School), Milagros Mutsios (LLM Candidate at Yale Law School), Lorena Zenteno (PhD Student at University of Edinburgh), Marlies Hesselman (Lecturer International Law, University of Groningen), Riccardo Luporini (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in International Law, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies): Just transition in Latin America: striking a balance between economic development and environmental and social energy justice [Abstract] [PPP]

Debate and Q&A [17.35-18.00h CEST]

OFFICIAL CLOUSURE [18.00-18.15h CEST]: Malka San Lucas Ceballos (CEDAT-URV)